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2021 SEP Annual Affiliates Meeting (Spring) (Video Sessions)

Event Details:

Monday, May 24, 2021 - Monday, July 26, 2021

Presentations & Videos (Password Protected)

Video Dates Presenters Videos Slides Reports
5/24/21 Ariel Lellouch Microseismic analysis in unconventional plays with a single DAS well Ariel Lellouch Slides 2021 SEP-184-Lellouch.pdf
5/24/21 Fantine Eri Huot Detecting microseismic events on DAS fiber with super-human accuracy Fantine Eri Huot Slides SEP_184-Fantine.pdf
5/31/21 Min Jun Park Toward a real-time CO2 monitoring system using Deep Learning Min Jun Park Slides 2021 SEP_184-Minjun.pdf
5/31/21 Siyuan Yuan Onboard Sensing and roadside Distributed Acoustic Sensing Siyuan Yuan Slides 2021 SEP_184_Siyuan.pdf
6/7/21 Stuart Farris Automatic velocity model building in the presence of salt Stuart Farris Slides 2021 SEP_184_Stuart.pdf
6/7/21 Milad Bader Moment tensor inversion of perforation shots using DAS data Milad Bader Slides 2021 SEP_184_Milad.pdf
6/14/21 Guillaume Barnier Full Waveform Inversion by Model Extension: a 3D ocean bottom node field-data application Guillaume Barnier Slides 2021 SEP_184_Barnier_1.pdf
6/14/21 Rustam Akhmadiev One-way full-waveform inversion using variable projection with model extension in the frequency domain Rustam Akhmadiev Slides 2021 SEP_184_Akhmadiev_1.pdf
6/21/21 Joseph Jennings Focusing unfocused faults with deep learning and residual migration Joseph Jennings Slides 2021 SEP_184_Jennings.pdf
6/21/21 Bin Luo Guided wave analysis for lateral variation of unconventional reservoir structure Bin Luo Slides 2021 SEP_184_Luo.pdf
6/28/21 Julio Oliva Frigério Tomographic Waveform Inversion with Dipping Reflectors Julio Oliva Frigério Slides SEP_184_Frigério.pdf
6/28/21 Rahul Sarkar A numerical scheme to solve the Lippmann-Schwinger equation for a linearly varying background Rahul Sarkar Slides SEP_184_Sarkar.pdf
7/12/21 Ettore Biondi      
7/19/21 Paige Given Quantitative Analysis of Training Size for Microseismic Detection Convolutional Neural Network Paige Given Slides 2021 SEP_184_Given.pdf
7/19/21 Jonathan Voyles Seismic Imaging for Carbon Capture and Sequestration using Distributed Acoustic Sensing Jonathan Voyles Slides 2021 SEP_184_Voyles.pdf
7/26/21 Jon Claerbout Skewed Pulses Jon Claerbout Slides 2021  
7/26/21 Robert Clapp Making more realistic synthetic models Robert Clapp Slides 2021  

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