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SEP 2020 Affiliates Video Sessions

SEP 2020 Affiliates Video Sessions

May 18, 2020 to August 17, 2020

Beginning the week of May 18, 2020, the Stanford Exploration Project (SEP) we will start the Affiliate remote-meeting video sessions. Video sessions will constist of weekly pre-recorded video presentations focusing on the research and progress being made by the SEP students and faculty. 

Videos will be available on Monday mornings, with a presenter lead live Q&A session the following Thursday. We plan to have 1-2 presentations per week and will be continuing the remote-meetings program during the summer.

We are pleased to announce the release of the following videos for our weekly series.

Week 1 - May 18th:

  • Elastic-parameter estimation by combining full-waves inversion by model extension and target-oriented elastic inversion- Presented by Ettore Biondi
  • Elastic full-wave inversion of guided waves - Presentedby Milad Bader

Week 2 - May 25th:

  • Unconventional reservoir characterization using DAS - Presented by Ariel Lellouch
  • Seismic data interpolation using Deep image prior guided by POCS - Presented by Min Jun Park

Week 3 - June 1st:

  • Full waveform inversion by model extension (Part 1) - Presented by Guillaume Barnier
  • Automated hyperparameter tuning - Presented by Fantine Huot

Week 4 - June 8th: 

  • Time-lapse (4D) Waveform Inversion of Anisotropic Velocities Linked to Geomechanics - Presented by Yinbin Ma
  • Near-surface characterizations with a roadside Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Array - Presented by Siyuan Yaun

Week 5 - June 15th:

  • Focusing unfocused faults with deep learning and residual migration -Presented by Joe Jennings
  • Convexity and Scalability of Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion -Presented by Stuart Farris

Week 6 - June 22nd:

  • City-scale dark fiber DAS measurements of infrastructure use during the COVID-19 pandemic - Presented by Nate Lindsey
  • Full waveform inversion by model extension (Part 2-Sections 1-3) - Presented by Guillaume Barnier (3 videos)

Due to the July 4th Holiday, we will not have video presentations on Monday, June 29th. Video presentations for week 7 will resume on Monday, July 6th.

Week 7- July 6th:

  • Denoising Low Frequencies using Expanded Prediction-Error Filters - Presented by Milad Bader
  • Seismic monitoring with DAS – Enhanced Geothermal System example - Presented by Ariel Lellouch

Week 8 - July 13th:

  • One-way full-waveform inversion using frequency-domain model extension - Presented by Rustam Akhmadiev 
  • An object-oriented library for solving small- and large-scale inverse problems - Presented by Ettore Biondi

Week 9 - July 20th:

  • Modeling of seismic residuals using Born scattering from a time dependent velocity perturbation - Presented by Rahul Sarkar

Week 10 - July 27th:

  • Tomographic Waveform Inversion - Presented by Julio Oliva Frigerio

Week 11 - August 10th:

  • Full waveform inversion by model extension (Part 3-Sections 1-3) Numerical examples - Presented by Guillaume Barnier