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The Affiliates Program is supported by a $55,000.00 annual corporate membership fees and is designed to facilitate the relationship between academia and industry. Members are entitled to the full range of benefits including invitations to all SEP Affiliates Program meetings, opportunity to support Ph.D. student research, and facilitated engagement with research programs, faculty, and graduate students.

Companies and other organizations having interests in overcoming technological limitations of the geophysical survey industry are eligible to join.

Program Participants

Member companies represent a broad spectrum of industries. Although most of our research is targeted at improvements in the geophysical survey contracting industry, about half of our members and alumni are in the petroleum industry.  The Affiliates Program is supported by corporate membership fees of $55,000 per year. Companies may provide additional funding to be used to support a particular area of research identified on our website. The director of the Affiliate Program will determine how the additional funding will be used in the program’s research. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public. 

For more information about related Stanford research, visit the our "Research" page on this site.

All SEP Memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs. All research results funded by our affiliates fees are shared with all program members and the public.

Program Benefits

The benefits to our members are considerable:

  • Invitation to Annual Meeting and Workshops

Informal interactions between companies and Stanford researchers are augmented by meetings and workshops. These events provide members with opportunities to hear from experts at Stanford to address the variety of issues. Members will be exposed to ideas and technology which may impact their businesses in the future. These events are also networking opportunities.

  • Facilitated Engagement

While Stanford promotes openness in our research results and takes pride in the University’s role as a credible and impartial resource, Affiliates Programs can facilitate exposure to Stanford researchers at a high level, targeted to areas that will best serve members' interests.

  • Facilitated Grad Student Recruiting

The Affiliates Program’s regular meetings showcase PhD student research and provide ample opportunity for companies and students to meet in a relaxed environment.

  • Copies of Reports, PhD theses and Research Results

We organize our research to facilitate technology transfer by using a formal method of makefile rules. With these, most of our research results are verified by someone other than the original researcher. Research progress reports at least three years old and all PhD theses are made available to the public through our web site, but affiliates have early access to them.

Next Steps

Contact the Affiliates Program

The first step to becoming an affiliate member is to phone [650-724-9819] or email Denise Baughman [], Program Manager for the SEP Program, and request an invoice.