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E. Biondi, G. Barnier, B. Biondi , R. Clapp - Receive Top 25 technical presentation during IMAGE 2021

Congratulations to Ettore Biondi, Guillaume Barnier, Biondo Biondi, and Robert Clapp on your excellent technical presentation
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Congratulations to Ettore Biondi, Guillaume Barnier, Biondo Biondi, and Robert Clapp on your excellent technical presentation titled, “Target-oriented elastic full-waveform inversion: Deep-water ocean-bottom-node field-data application,” presented during IMAGE 2021 – the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy.

Your research and preparation were noticed by your fellow SEG members who judged your paper, ranking it in the top 25 of 709 papers presented at the meeting.


We apply a target-oriented elastic full-waveform inversion (FWI) algorithm to the pressure component of an ocean-bottom-node (OBN) field dataset acquired in the Gulf of Mexico. Our target-oriented approach is based on a redatuming technique in which an extended image is employed to synthesize data as if the acquisition geometry was placed in proximity of a subsurface target. This extended image is obtained using a least-squares linear inversion process. The redatuming step allows us to limit the elastic FWI process within the target area only, which in turn results in a substantial computational speed-up factor compared to the elastic inversion of the original dataset. We demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed technique by estimating the elastic properties of a potential hydrocarbon prospect located on the flank of a salt diapir. The retrieved elastic properties are then used to estimate common rock-physics attributes that highlight the potential presence of a gas-bearing sand reservoir.

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