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Ph.D. Student

Joseph Dalton Stitt

Ph.D. Student in Geophysics, admitted Autumn 2021
Joe Stitt joined the Stanford Earth Imaging Project (SEP) as a PhD student in the Fall of 2021. His current research involves creating machine learning-enhanced tools to advance seismic inversion methods, focusing on refining subsurface models for accurate resource localization and CO2 sequestration pathways while addressing the challenge of non-uniqueness in geophysical model estimations. Joe gained his interest in geophysics from a young age. He found his passion by attending his fathers football practices at Colorado School of Mines and being inspired by the engineers and geoscientists that played for the team. Joe currently hopes to continue to build on his traits of being an efficient team member and leader in the field and applying those skills to help his research group moving into the future.


BSc, Colorado School of Mines, Geophysical Engineering (Major) McBride Honors Public Affairs (Minor) (2021)